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Established in 1898. The city of Garfield earned the name “City of Champions” in 1939 when its high school football team won the national championship. As an early supporter of industrialization, manufacturing plants and textile companies, Garfield has attracted a variety of cultures to its gates for decades. Industry was so much part of the community that the high school teams are known as Boilermakers. The community was names in honor of US President James Garfield. It has a population of over 31 thousand residents. Famous landmarks and places include the Garfield Train Station, Dahnert’s Lake County Park and the Ancient Scupture Gallery.

Town Name: Garfield   
City Hall: Garfield City Hall   
Address: 111 Outwater Lane, Garfield NJ 07026  
Phone Number: 973-340-2001   
Library Website:  
Water Service: Suez North America   
Gas & Electric: PSE & G   
 Distance to NYC: 10 miles   

Number of Households: 11,373  
Households with Children: 3,961  
Average Household Size: 2.75  
Annual Residential Turnover: 4.11  

Garfield School District
34 Outwater Lane Garfield, New Jersey

Garfield Preschool

Preschool Annex

Garfield Preschool Annex 3

School #4
School #5
School #6
School #7
School #8
School #9
School #10

Auxiliary MS/HS School

Garfield Middle School

Garfield High School


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Garfield Demographics

Population: 31,295

Zip code: 07026

Median Family income: $49,055

Land area: 2.08 Sq. milesĀ  square miles

Population Density: 14,894 people/sq mi

Median resident age: 37.38 years

Garfield Town Website: CLICK HERE

Garfield Listing Stats

Lowest price: $1,375

Highest price: $799,000

Average price: $303,312

Number of listings: 57